To be

A pair of pink hands clasped onto one another into a fist. Their nails are painted neon green.

I’m not where I want to be.

There’s still something missing

Beyond what my eyes can see,

Or what my heart can feel.

And if I had eight consciousness,

And eight senses to feel,

I could finally be free.

But free will never be where I want to be,

But rather in this moment

That is where I need to be.

Purple and blue

I’ve got purple and blue nails today,

But I used to like them plain.

I’m wearing something I would’ve never worn,

With my heart on the chain.

And I reopen wounds just for the hell of it,

Because there’s nothing wrong with the dark,

And there’s nothing wrong with you and me.

So there’s nothing to feel ashamed about –

The way you look or the way you feel –

When you’re with me.

Like you

Sometimes I wonder.

If you want me to speak like you,

Then why don’t you just listen to yourself.

Or have they stroked your ego for far too long,

That you have forgotten we are the same?

So you think you can punish others for their differences,

When we choose not to play your game?


I’m no different on the inside.

I’ve just been shedding my outer skin,

And the hypocrisy and contradictory

Love, that used to lie within.

I love that look on your face,

Because you can’t stand that I now have boundaries in place.

And so you can’t push me around,

As you used to so easily now.

How does it feel to get a taste of your own medicine now?


Pair of blue feet on the ground with yellow-painted toes that are slightly curled up.

I’m always looking outside the window,

And the people who seem so busy from afar.

The tall buildings and then the stars.

But I miss the feeling of bare feet on grass,

The soil and the earth beneath that grass.

I’m home but not home and this is the closest I’ll ever be –

Close, close to Mother Gaia, I once could not see.