Pair of blue feet on the ground with yellow-painted toes that are slightly curled up.

I’m always looking outside the window,

And the people who seem so busy from afar.

The tall buildings and then the stars.

But I miss the feeling of bare feet on grass,

The soil and the earth beneath that grass.

I’m home but not home and this is the closest I’ll ever be –

Close, close to Mother Gaia, I once could not see.

Second chances

Blue hand is pulling apart the black curtains to reveal pink in the sky.

I watched the sun rise this morning,

As the rays pierced through the curtains.

The birds are singing,

But I can’t bear to look at it.

Because inside, I’m too dark

For something so full of light.

So later when I saw the pink against my wall,

And realised the sun was setting,

It’s as though I was being reminded

That even darkness deserves light,

And we deserve second chances.


Yellow person is leaning their chin on their both of their hands. They have short, green hair and is wearing a pink top.

You ask why the sun rises every morning,

And why rain falls after a long day.

You ask why the leaves have to fall in autumn,

And the flowers bloom in spring.

I’ll tell you, it is to remind us of the passage of time.

Then one day I’ll ask,

That even so,

Even with the fragility and impermanence of life,

Why do human feelings,

Have to be so fleeting?

For you and me

A pair of pink hands curled into a whimsical pose.

There’s a blue sea out there for you and me.

There are cold crashing waves and warm soothing shores,

Out there for you and me.

The cry of morning seagulls, and the howling of the bittersweet wind,

Comes the calm after the storm,

For you and me.

There will be many more seas and many more waves,

Many more moments just waiting and just hesitating,

So won’t you give me an excuse,

For you and me.